It is always a joy for us to receive an enquiry from a family looking to get their little one baptised/christened – or to approach us about getting themselves confirmed. Baptism is a ceremony in which we use water as a sign of cleansing, forgiveness and rebirth. It marks the beginning of our Christian journey, the point at which we become members of the church.

We are happy to talk to anyone about baptism and before completing this form we encourage you to contact us so we can answer your questions and talk you through the commitment that is being made. It’s even better if you can take the time to come and speak to us in person at one of our services or on a Friday between 10-12 when we hold our toddler playgroup at St James’s Hall.

Can we book a baptism in one of your churches?

We would love to say yes to everyone, but like all institutions there are rules that have to be followed. To be baptised in our Parish you need to live within our borders or have a good connection to the church. It might be that your other children or you were baptised here, you may have been married here, you may regularly worship with us. Most people (including us) don’t know exactly where parish boundaries lay, but there is a website where you can check. A Church Near You – put in your postcode and it will tell you which parish you live in, and their contact details.

It is important to remember that there is no charge for baptism/christening. It isn’t a venue that you are booking, or a party, but a special service where we give thanks to God for your little one and welcome them into God’s church. If you would like to talk about a ‘Thanksgiving Service’ rather than a baptism then please contact us.

You can find our more about baptism/christening one the Church of England’s dedicated webpage.

Enquiry Form

If you are interested in booking a baptism them please complete the form below and we shall be in touch soon.