What's on for Children and Families?

The short answer is EVERYTHING. Children are always welcome at St James’s so don’t let our formal exterior put you off! If you want to come and bring your little ones and are worried about disruption and noise, well don’t be – our sound system is more than a match fore that and we are just pleased to have you here worshipping with us!

Little people sometimes need something of their own so that they can engage in worship and discipleship (learning) alongside their older siblings and adults – and for that we have Sunday school. Don’t let the name put you off… it’s nothing like the school I remember!

Through games and activities the younger members of our congregation can explore their faith and follow the cycle of seasons and festivals in our church year. We hope that they will begin to know the stories and the prayers for themselves, and also be exposed to some of those teachings about how to be good and responsible people in the world we live.

Our Sunday School  (4th Sunday of each month) runs alongside our other special events and Messy Mass (2nd Thursday of each month) to provide lots of opportunities to bring the little ones to Church and get them involved in games and crafts… and not have to worry about them!

Parent’s are welcome to accompany their children, but they can send those 7 and over through unsupervised and they’ll be looked after for the service. 

We can’t wait to see you here with us!

Messy Mass Logo

2nd Thursday Every Month


Fun and Free – Messy Mass is a craft based communion service. We enjoy games and activities that tell us the story from the scripture . Worship is in the church and takes the form of a short informal communion. We then share a meal and fellowship together in our hall. No need to book – all are welcome!

4th Sunday Every Month


Don’t let the word school fool you! Our Sunday school runs alongside our principle service and is an opportunity for little ones to engage in worship and teaching that is specifically catered for them. Through crafts and activities we learn the stories of the bible, the teachings of Jesus and how we can be better people ourselves.

All ages are welcome (the little ones sometimes need a break from our main service) and those ages 7 and over can be sent through without their parent’s.

Our upcoming dates can be found here…

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Every Friday


Our playgroup is free and semi-structured to provide activities for the little ones and a relaxed and sociable atmosphere for adults. Held every week – even in the school holidays – it’s a place for local mums, grandparents, carers and their little ones to come and enjoy play together and with friends. Refreshments are provided for adults and the little ones can enjoy a juice and biscuit at story time. Each week there is a different craft activity relating to our story. We finish up with singing on the carpet before heading home in time for lunch.

All are welcome, just turn-up, sign-in and find a seat.

Youth Choir Fortnightly on Fridays and Sundays

Young people aged 7 and over are welcome to join our youth choir. It meets every Friday evening at 18:00 for rehearsals and then joins us that Sunday for our main service at 10:30.

We have a number of scholarships availible for our young people to help meet the cost of music lessons ourside the curch. These are worth up to £750 per year (equivalent to 50 x 30 minute music lessons!)

If you are interested in singing with us then please contact us.

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