Request as Mass

What does it mean to have a Mass offered ‘for’ something or someone?

In answering this question it is important to differentiate between the general and particular intentions in the Mass: Every Mass is offered with the general intention that is articulated in every Eucharistic Prayer: for the glory of God and for the needs of the Church and the world as a whole. In addition, each individual member of the congregation brings his or her own particular intentions in his or her prayers that are united to that Mass. There is a third type of intention brought to the Mass, however, and it is this intention that is referred to when people speak of a ‘Mass Intention’, namely, the specific intention for which the priest celebrant offers the Mass:  for which that particular Mass is being offered. It is in this sense that someone asks a priest to offer Mass ‘for’ something or someone.

What and who can I request Mass to be said for?

A Mass can be offered for someone or something. It might be to give thanks for a significant event, anniversary or person; you could offer it for a specific need for yourself or somebody else; a mass also might be requested in remembrance of a love one who has died. God’s hand extends to every part of life so the really is no limit to what a Mass could be offered for.

How do I make a Mass request?

The easiest way is to complete the form on this page which will be sent directly to the ministry team. We will try an honour requested dates, but otherwise your intention will be scheduled for the next available celebration – we will tell you when it is. If you would prefer to make your request in person, please speak to one of the ministry team at church or by phone.

What about an offering or stipend?

Traditionally those requesting a Mass would offer a small donation (or offering) for priest or institution offering the Mass. Sometimes this was referred to as a ‘stipend’ as priests were allowed to keep the donations from these special intentions. In this parish all donations contribute towards our general funds, rather than being retained by the priest, which helps us do God’s work in the community. 

You are welcome to make an offering in relation to you’re request, but please don’t feel obliged. As a guide a typical offering is between £5-10.