Welcome to our wedding enquiries page. Please read the information here carefully before you fill in an enquiry/booking form. If there are any questions or queries then please contact us.

Dear Wedding Couple,

We share in your joy at deciding to commit yourselves to one another through marriage and we are pleased that you are considering being married in our church. You can be assured of our prayers as you prepare for your wedding day. 

As with all things recognised in law there are a number of administrative hurdles to be overcome and the form below is part of that process. In law all people, baptised or otherwise, are entitled to be married in the Church of England parish where they reside. So if either you or your partner live in the parish of St James, Clacton-on-Sea, the process is very simple. But there are other factors that may entitle you to be married in our church and they are detailed at the bottom of this page. Even so if no existing connection exists with our parish you can create one by attending our Sunday service for 6 months before your wedding day. 

Marriage is understood by the Church of England to be a solemn declaration made by a man and a woman, before God and witnesses. It is understood as a permanent union, blessed by God, for the right ordering of society. Usually we do not conduct the marriages of those who have been divorced, but in certain circumstances exception are permitted. Please come and speak to us about your circumstances, and we will do all we can to proceed with the arrangements in our church or direct you to where you might look otherwise.

How do I enquire/make a booking?

Simply click on the link below, print the forms, complete them and make arrangements to bring them to us with the relevant documentation at the earliest opportunity.

Whilst we might be able to give some indication of availability before these forms have been completed, we cannot guarantee your date until the deposit has been paid and w have received your forms.

Under current restrictions we ask you to contact us directly if you wish to arrange a wedding via our contact page.