Maybe you have heard of the Alpha Course and have thought about attending yourself. You might have been invited by a friend or relative. Maybe you’re just curious what it’s all about. Whatever your reason you are welcome and we hope that you will join us to experience Alpha for yourself.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is less of a course, and more of a guided discussion and experience. Its a safer place to ask questions, hear what others think and begin to explore some of the basics of Christian teaching.

Who is it for?

Alpha is for everyone. People from all walks of life have been on the Alpha Course across the world and around our own country. Whether you are entirely new to the idea of faith of spiritually or considered yourself an old hand, we think Alpha has something to offer you.

How do I Sign Up?

Alpha is entirely free and you’ll be given a meal each Thursday evening as part of the course. To sign-up click on the button below and give us your name and email and we can send you more details.