When is this service?

We run this service once a month at 4pm at our Church in Jaywick, St Christopher’s. It’s always on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Some of the upcoming dates are listed here:

18th Oct – 14th Nov – 20 Dec – 17 January -21 February…

What happens at the service?

Every service is a little different so we can’t tell you exactly what it will be like. But it usually involves beginning with a collective act of confession recognising that the fallen and broken world we live in is the cause of some much suffering for ourselves and others – it’s also a reminder to us of the new life free from sin, sorrow, suffering and dying that we have in Christ. Our service involves music, reading from scriptures to encourage us, prayer ministry and the laying on of hands where we do as Jesus did (distanced during covid!) and sometimes we anoint with oil to remind us of the power and strength of God with us in the spirit.

What do we mean by healing?

In the gospels healing is used to refer to both a physical healing and the wider promises Jesus makes to us about our salvation. Sickness and weakness are associated in scripture with vulnerability and powerlessness, including the dangers we face from evil and malign forces in this world. It’s important to remember two things: firstly, healing can mean more than simple physical recovery, and its more about us having faith in the working of the Holy Spirit towards a better world for us and all creation; secondly, that our weakness, vulnerability and sickness is not as a consequence of our own sinfulness, this is not about blame.

Miracles can and do happen, and marvellous things have been witnessed by christians across the world when they pray for healing. But we acknowledge that more often we find ourselves comforted, strengthened and given a sense of peace at our healing services – all of which can help us live our lives more fully.

When we pray for healing we do so for a world that is also under the influence of dark forces that we are vulnerable to. Healing is about acknowledging that their power extend only as far as the influence it has and that it is powerless n the face of Christ and his victory on the cross.

I'm not sick: can I still come?

Most definitely, Yes!!! Some parts of the service are specially reserved for those who are ill themselves in mind, body or spirit. But the laying on of hands and prayer ministry is something we can all do and receive for ourselves and for others. If you are carrying a loved one or friend on your heart then bring that with you and we will make that the focus of our prayers.

All of us are vulnerable to the destructive forces of the world we live in and all of us, without Christ, are weak in the face of temptation. There is always a need to come and pray for more strength to overcome thew challenges we might face.

Where can I find out more?

The best way is to come along and see for yourself. But if you want to talk to us first, or have some questions you need asking, then please contact us and we will be happy to help. Hopefully we shall see you soon!

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Jan · 15th October 2020 at 07:22

Great initiative

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