Essential adjective adjective: essential absolutely necessary; extremely important. During the current pandemic this word has appeared much more frequently in our papers, notices and news stories than would be usual. In our modern free thinking, moving and living society, the word essential carries a compulsion and conformity that we are simply Read more…


We all have our heroes: personal, historical, real and fiction. These are the people we set up as idols, to be respected, adored and imitated in the difficult decisions and hard times of our own lives. Sometimes these heroes are deeply personal, unknown by the world, but their personal triumphs, Read more…

Together in Prayer

Earlier this month parishioners from different walks of life joined together to pray. It is our first calling in our service to the parish, to bring it and all its people before God, and so we united in this project to make a short film using the words that Christ gave us to pray with. Know that you are being prayed for.

Church Post-Coronavirus

What will Church and services look like when this lockdown is over? What have we learnt? What have we lost? How are we blessed? These are just some of the questions we will need to ask in the coming weeks and months as society comes to terms with whatever the new normal will look like.