Worship at Home

The church may have suspended public services, but that does not mean it has stopped offering worship. The daily round of morning and evening prayer, and the mass, continue to be offered on behalf of all the people of God at the parish church. Our euchristic service booklet can be found Lent Mass Setting for those who wish to follow along at home.

We are streaming many of our services online via our facebook page. You can access them here – you do not need to be ‘on facebook’ to see our page and what we have posted on it , including the services there.

In addition to our resources, there are many others that can be accessed via the Church of England website.

By Post and Phone

Our regular members on the electoral roll will have already received a booklet detailing some of the ways they can continue to worship at home. That booklet is also available by clicking – Resources for Prayer at Home.

Those who would like a chat, or might be suffering particular hardships, or just want to talk, are encouraged to call me at the vicarage on 01255426602 – if i am not available this number also has an answerphone,

Watch this space...

With Holy Week and Easter rapidly approaching we are working hard to think of imaginative ways that you can connect with this liturgy at home. We hope to provide a resource called ‘holy week in a bag’ which will help you and/or household to hold the remembrance of these events at home.

Sign-up for the newsletter

Our existing means of communication online, the newsletter, can be subscribed to using the box at the bottom of this page. Usually weekly, during this crisis we will be sending twice-weekly newsletters to your email inbox.

Come and see us

Although we might have suspended worship, we are keeping our church open – please make time to come and visit St James’s, perhaps list and candle and say some prayers. Remember that sadly we can’t ask you to join any service that might be taking place, instead we request that you sit elsewhere, maintaining the rules concerning social-distancing of at least 2 meters at all times.


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