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Lent@Home 2019

Can’t make it to our Lent Course? The Bible Society have created some amazing resources to help us make that journey with Christ through Lent. This year their focus is on holiness and the message of hope that we are offered in scripture.  Journey with us this Lent to discover what the Read more…

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The Bible Course

Join us in Lent and prepare for Easter by getting to know your Bible better. If you are interested, then please ring or email Fr Justin. Alternatively, you can sign up for the course at Church. Saturdays 11:00 @ St James’s First Session: 10th March 09:00 Confessions 09:30 Mass 10:00 Stations Read more…

Pilgrim Course

This Course begins on the 30th October at 20:00. It’s an opportunity for those who are established in their faith, and those new or exploring Christianity to come and explore what it is we believe. All are welcome to attend.