The Mass of the Last Supper

St James's at 19:30

The Holy Triduum begins with the Mass that commemorates the Last Supper – the meal that Jesus and his disciples had together before he was betrayed and arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. This meal marks Jesus own instruction to share bread and wine as his flesh and blood when we meet – it is when he gave us this easy way to remember him. 

He also washed the feet of his disciples to show that he had come to serve and not to be served. At our mass we shall share in Christ’s body and blood. There will also be the opportunity to have our feet washed (or not if you prefer). 

Then we shall take Jesus to our own ‘Altar of Repose’. With decoration and flowers it reminds us of the garden in which he prayed before he was arrested. Just like his disciples we are invited to watch and pray with him for a few moments or hours if we wish. At midnight he will be stolen away as we remember his betrayal and arrest.

The story continues on Good Friday 14:30…

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